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I'm Tijs, a Frontend Developer and Graphic Designer.

Want to know more about me and the work I do? You came to the right place. Oh and I love JavaScript. Change my mind.

Since I was 15 years old I'm in love with graphic design.

First I started to teach myself the basics of photo manipulation and soon after I learned to design 2D and 3D logos. I pursued my passion and two years ago I graduated with honors from the AP university college of Antwerp as a crossmedia designer.

Last year I studied computer engineering at the university of Antwerp to level up my basic knowledge about programming. After that year I realised that I was ready to search for a job and so I did.

Now I'm a proud member of the development team at Think Tomorrow as a frontend developer and JavaScript ninja.

Some of the skills I am trying to master.

HTML & CSS JavaScript Node.js PHP & Laravel Vue.js Python C++ UX / UI Logos Corporate identity Poster Flyers Photo manipulation Intro videos

Projects I have worked on.

Under construction.

Looking to contact me?

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